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HL Magazine Distribution
HOMELINK Magazine is published twice annually with new editions available every April and October - just in time for our peak Winter and Summer seasons. Approximately 16,000 copies will be printed and distributed. Copies are available FREE with following the circulation. More information

Advertising Guidelines

Thank you for your business and interest in advertising with HOMELINK Magazine

HOMELINK Magazine has developed the following specifications and guidelines to assist you with your file preparation. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure all furnished materials are prepared and submitted in accordance with these specifications. All files should be submitted in a digital format according to our guidelines. Non-adherence may result in additional charges to the customer.

File Formats: Only high resolution Adobe Acrobat PDFs will be accepted. All images must be converted to CMYK (RGB or spot colors will not print correctly). All fonts (Postscript or True Type) must be actual fonts: Do not apply style attributes to fonts. Fonts must be embedded with no comments included. Convert all text in Adobe Illustrator to "Outlines". We do not accept ads created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint or any other word processing program.
Spread Advertisement: The page or document size should be the same as the final ad size with bleed extending 1/4" beyond trim. No gutter allowance is required between pages.
Image Resolution and Color: Images for ads must be submitted as final, high-resolution: 300dpi for screened images and 1200dpi for line art. All colors must be set to process, CMYK (not RGB or spot colors).

Printing & Binding Method: Web offset printing and perfect binding.

Submission: Please email files to accounts@fanbaseco.com. All digital ads should include a color proof (MatchPrint proof is the most accurate method of attempting to match colors on press). Publisher, printer, or designer is not responsible for the reproduction of an ad if an accurate color proof is not provided. Ads must be prepared to our specifications or inquire with the publisher for a design quote.

For advertising opportunities and rates, please email: brian@fanbaseco.com